Hello, thanks for stopping by.


We are Kate and Lee-Anne, the creative minds behind eLKa.


When we started eLKa in 2016 we were all about silicone bead pieces for babies.  Soon after we created our first hand stamped leather personalised key-rings with silicone beads attached and you all loved them.  We still remember the very first time our account hit $1000.  It’s a milestone we will never forget because with the profits we purchased our very first acrylic pieces...and we haven’t looked back.

We absolutely love designing and making fun affordable earrings for you to enjoy!   Whether they are printed, hand painted or straight up glitter!
Another aspect we love is that when you purchase our earrings you are also supporting a whole bunch other amazing Australian businesses.  That’s right...everything from our hypoallergenic posts to the laser cutting of our designs it is all sourced right here in Australia.
So to each and everyone one of you from the bottom of our hearts we thank you for being part of our journey.
XO Kate & Lee-Anne